Название (Русский) Сдаваться
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Surrendering
Описание (Английский) In this frame a Fugitive presents himself or herself to the Authorities to be subject to the criminal process.
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Ҳаракат концептлари
Роли в фреймах
Роль Описание (Русский) Описание (Английский) Обязательная роль Концептлар
Authorities : Органы власти The Authorities are the officials, government or otherwise, who are in charge of initiating the criminal process.
Fugitive : Беглец The Fugitive is wanted by the Authorities and turns himself or herself in to the Authorities.
Charges : Обвинения The Charges is the offense for which the Fugitive is wanted.
Explanation : Объяснение This FE denotes a proposition from which the surrendering event logically follows.
Manner : Манера This FE identifies the Manner in which the Fugitive surrenders to the Authorities.
Place : Место The Place is the location where the surrendering occurs.
Time : Время The Time is when the Fugitive surrenders.