Название (Русский) Путешествовать
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Travel
Описание (Английский) In this frame a Traveler goes on a journey, an activity, generally planned in advance, in which the Traveler moves from a Source location to a Goal along a Path or within an Area. The journey can be accompanied by Co-participants and Baggage. The Duration or Distance of the journey, both generally long, may also be described as may be the Mode_of_transportation. Words in this frame emphasize the whole process of getting from one place to another, rather than profiling merely the beginning or the end of the journey.
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Area : Область This is the Area in which the traveling takes place. This frame element describes the enclosed area inside which travelling, of unspecified Source, Path or Goal takes place.
Direction : Направление The direction in which the Traveler goes.
Goal : Цель The Goal is the location where the travelers end up.
Mode_of_transportation : Режим транспортировки The Mode_of_transportation expresses how the motion of the Traveler is effected, by their body or by a vehicle which holds and conveys the Traveler. Vehicles can move in any way and in any medium. They are usually expressed obliquely with 'in' or 'by'.
Path : Путь The Path is the route along which the travel takes place.
Source : Источник The Source is the starting point of the trip.
Traveler : Путешественник This is the living being which travels. Normally, the Traveler is expressed as an external argument.
Baggage : Багаж The Baggage are the items necessary for travel that accompany the Traveler.
Co-participant : Соучастник The Co-participant is the person or persons who accompany the Traveler on the journey.
Depictive : Описание The state of the Traveler during the journey.
Descriptor : Дескриптор A characterisitic of the traveling event.
Distance : Расстояние This FE dientifies the Distance traveled.
Duration : Длительность This FE identifies the Duration of time during which the trip occurs.
Explanation : Объяснение The Explanation for which the travel is undertaken.
Frequency : Частота The Frequency with which the Traveler makes the journey.
Iterations : Итерации The number of times the trip is traveled by the Travelers.
Manner : Манера The Manner in which the traveling takes place.
Means : Средство The action done by the Traveler by which the traveling is accomplished.
Period_of_iterations : Период_итерации The Time throughout which the traveling repeatedly takes place.
Place : Место The Place is the location of the motion. It describes the area in which motion (with a specified Source, Path or Goal) takes place.
Purpose : Цель This FE identifies the Purpose for which the Traveler travels, i.e. the future state of affairs that will hopefully come about.
Result : Результат The affect of travel on a Traveler.
Speed : Скорость The Speed is the rate at which the travel takes place.
Time : Время When the traveling occurs.
Travel_means : Средства путешествия This FE applies to expressions that indicate documents, money, tickets, etc. which allow people to engage in travel.