Название (Русский) Пересекать
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Traversing
Описание (Английский) A Theme changes location with respect to a salient location, which can be expressed by a Source, Path, Goal, Area, Direction, Path_shape, or Distance, as shown in the examples below
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Роль Описание (Русский) Описание (Английский) Обязательная роль Концептлар
Area : Область This frame element is used for expressions which describe a general area in which motion takes place when the motion is understood to be irregular and not to consist of a single linear path.
Goal : Цель Any expression which tells where the Theme ends up as a result of the motion expresses the frame element Goal.
Path : Путь Any description of a trajectory of motion which is neither a Source nor a Goal (see below) expresses the frame element Path, including directional expressions:
Path_shape : Форма пути The configuration formed by the entire Path of the Theme, taken simultaneously.
Source : Источник Any expression which implies a definite starting-point of motion expresses the frame element Source. In prepositional phrases, the prepositional object expresses the starting point of motion. In particles, the starting point of motion is understood from context.
Theme : Тема This is the object which moves. In many sentences this FE will be expressed as something which moves under its own power. However, this FE is not required to be an animate mover, so it is different from Self_mover.
Distance : Расстояние Any expression which characterizes the extent of motion expresses the frame element Distance.
Direction : Направление The direction in which the Theme goes.
Duration : Длительность The length of time that the Theme spends in motion.
Endpoints : Конечные точки The Source and Goal of either a single or a repeated motion taken together as Endpoints of the Path.
Event_description : Описание_события In general, this FE is used for phrases that describe the clause of the target as a whole. There are two somewhat distinct subgroups of sentence modifiers that cover this function.
Explanation : Объяснение A factor which explains the particular motion or manner of motion of the Theme.
Frequency : Частота The number of times that an action occurs in a given time.
Iterations : Итерации The frame element Iterations is used for expressions that indicate the number of times an event or state (of the kind denoted by the target in its clause) has taken place or held.
Manner : Манера Any expression which describes a property of motion which is not directly related to the trajectory of motion expresses the frame element Manner. Descriptions of speed, steadiness, grace, means of motion, and other things count as Manner expressions.
Means : Средство An event involving the Theme that results in the Theme moving in the specified way.
Means_of_motion : Средства передвижения The device or bodypart that serves to move the Theme.
New_situation : Новая_ситуация An unexpected event that affects some agent (usually the Theme), which is enabled by, and occurs after, the Traversing.
Period_of_iterations : Период_итерации The time period within which the motion event occurs repeatedly.
Place : Место The Place is where the motion (which is specified by a Source, Path or Goal) is located.
Purpose : Цель The state-of-affairs that the Theme wishes to bring about.
Re-encoding : Перекодирование A larger conceptualization that includes the Traversing as an integral part. The Traversing expressed by the target typically corresponds to a Means action in this larger conceptualization.
Reciprocation : Взаимность An event paired with the motion, which explains why the motion is expected. In particular, or an action that Reciprocation is used to indicate an action that is being rewarded or punished by the motion, is paired with the motion as the other side of an agreement.
Speed : Скорость The Speed is the rate at which the Theme moves.
Time : Время The time at which the motion takes place.
Result : Результат The state of the Theme at the end of the event.
Circumstances : Обстоятельства The state of the world (at a particular time and place) which is specifically independent of the Traversing event itself and any of its participants, and is merely peripherally related to the event as a whole.
Containing_event : Содержащее_событие An event that occurs or state of affairs that holds at the time the Traversing occurs and which the Traversing is taken to be a part of.
Coordinated_event : Скоординированное событие The label Coordinated_event is to be used for phrases denoting an event-it does not allow states-that the Traversing is rhythmically aligned with. The Coordinated_event is conceived of as independent: it would occur regardless of the event expressed by the target, which is not even an incidental or optional sub-part of the Coordinated_event.
Cotheme : Сотема This is the second moving object, expressed as a direct object or an oblique:
Degree : Мера Degree to which event occurs
Depictive : Описание Depictive phrase describing the actor of an action