Название (Русский) Посещение хозяина: отъезд
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Visit_host_departure
Описание (Английский) A Visitor departs from a Host_location after having visited a Host.
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Host : Хозяин The Host allows the Visitor to use his/her resources, and to remain temporarily at the Host_location.
Host_location : Расположение хозяина The Visitor departs from the Host_location, a location strongly associated with the Host.
Visitor : Посетитель The Visitor departs from the location of the Host.
Distance : Расстояние The distance that the Visitor has traveled.
Goal : Цель This FE labels any expression which tells where the Visitor ends up, or would end up, as a result of departing from the Source.
Manner : Манера Any expression which describes a property of motion which is not directly related to the trajectory of motion expresses the frame element Manner. Descriptions of steadiness, grace, and many other things count as Manner expressions, though Speed and Means should be tagged using the more specific FE labels.
Means : Средство The action of the Visitor which results in their departure.
Mode_of_transportation : Режим транспортировки The Mode_of_transportation expresses how the motion of the Visitor is effected, by its body or by a vehicle which holds and conveys the Visitor. Vehicles can move in any way and in any medium. In this frame, Mode_of_transportation is often expressed obliquely in a prepositional phrase headed by 'in' or 'by'.
Path : Путь Any description of the trajectory of the departure which is neither a Source nor a Goal expresses the frame element Path. In this frame, Path expressions almost always have a sense meaning 'via'.
Place : Место The Place is the location in which the departing takes place.
Purpose : Цель This FE identifies the Purpose for which the Visitor departs from the Source.
Speed : Скорость This frame element labels words or phrases that describe how quickly the Visitor is moving.
Time : Время The Time at which the departure takes place.