Название (Русский) Посещение
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Attending
Описание (Английский) An Agent goes to an Event and is present in a relatively non-participatory way.
Идентификатор для разметки
Концепты действий
Роли в фреймах
Роль Описание (Русский) Описание (Английский) Обязательная роль Концепттер
Event : Событие The Event is the deliberate set of happenings given at a particular time and place.
Agent : Агент The Agent is the person who chooses to make himself present at the Event.
Duration : Длительность Duration denotes the length of time from the beginning of a continuous situation (the one denoted by the target) to its end.
Event_description : Описание_события This FE describes the event as a whole.
Frequency : Частота This frame element is defined as the number of times an event occurs per some unit of time.
Iterations : Итерации The frame element Iterations is used for expressions that indicate the number of times an event or state (of the kind denoted by the target in its clause) has taken place or held.
Manner : Манера The way in which the Agent went about going to the Event.
Means : Средство Through what strategies and efforts the Agent made possible his attendance at the Event.
Place : Место The location where the Agent attends the Event.
Time : Время When the Agent attends the Event.
Purpose : Цель The reason why the Agent goes to the Event.
Circumstances : Обстоятельства Under what conditions the Agent goes to the Event.