Название (Русский) Прибытие
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Arriving
Описание (Английский) An object Theme moves in the direction of a Goal. The Goal may be expressed or it may be understood from context, but its is always implied by the verb itself.
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Концепты действий approach : сближаться, приближаться, приблизиться, придвигаться, придвинуться
arrive : прибывать, прибыть, явиться
come : приходить
enter : входить, войти, зайти, заходить
reach : добраться, добираться, достигать, достичь
return : вернуться, возвращаться, возвратиться, воротиться
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Роль Описание (Русский) Описание (Английский) Обязательная роль Концепттер
Goal : Цель Goal is any expression that tells where the Theme ends up, or would end up, as a result of the motion.
Theme : Тема Theme is the object that moves. It may be an entity that moves under its own power, but it need not be.
Circumstances : Обстоятельства Circumstances describe the state of the world (at a particular time and place) which is specifically independent of the event itself and any of its participants.
Cotheme : Сотема Cotheme is the second moving object, expressed as a direct object or an oblique.
Degree : Мера This frame element selects some gradable attribute and modifies the expected value for it.
Depictive : Описание The Depictive is a phrase which describes the state of the Theme upon arrival.
Event_description : Описание_события This FE marks the state of affairs reported by the Arriving Event as understood to play a role in the state of affairs of the modifier.
Frequency : Частота How often the Theme arrives at the Goal.
Manner : Манера A Manner expression describes a property of motion which is not directly related to the trajectory of motion. Descriptions of speed, steadiness, grace, means of motion, and other things count as Manner expressions.
Means : Средство This FE identifies the Means by which a Theme arrives.
Mode_of_transportation : Режим транспортировки The Mode_of_transportation expresses how the motion of the Theme is effected, by its body or by a vehicle which holds and conveys the Theme. Vehicles can move in any way and in any medium. They are usually expressed obliquely with 'in' or 'by'.
New_situation : Новая_ситуация The New_situation are the state of the Goal when the Theme arrives.
Path : Путь Path is any description of a trajectory of motion which is neither a Source nor a Goal. In this frame, Path expressions almost always have a via-sense.
Period_of_iterations : Период_итерации The time period within which the arrival repeats multiple times.
Place : Место This FE identifies the Place where the arriving event occurs.
Purpose : Цель This FE identifies the Purpose for which the Theme arrives to the Goal.
Re-encoding : Перекодирование This FE presents the current frame as an integral part of a larger conceptualization expressed by another frame. The frame expressed by the target typically corresponds to a Means action.
Source : Источник Source is any expression which implies a definite starting-point of motion. While Source expressions are possible in this frame, they are relatively infrequent. If present, they often express a general direction from which a Theme moves, rather than a landmark away from which it moves.
Time : Время This FE identifies the Time when arriving occurs.