Название (Русский) Архитектурная_часть
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Architectural_part
Описание (Английский) An entity is integrated into a building as a Part of a (possibly unexpressed) Whole which may refer to the whole building or merely to a sub-part of the building.
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Роль Описание (Русский) Описание (Английский) Обязательная роль Концепттер
Part : Часть A Part of a larger architectural unit, the Whole.
Whole : Целый An architectural unit which includes the Part
Creator : Создатель The Individual who creates the Part.
Descriptor : Дескриптор A property relating to the Part.
Material : Материал Any indication of what makes up the Part, including components, ingredients, etc.
Orientation : Ориентация This is a property of the Part that situates the Part within the Whole.