Название (Русский) Применить тепло
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Apply_heat
Описание (Английский) A Cook applies heat to Food, where the Temperature_setting of the heat and Duration of application may be specified. A Heating_instrument, generally indicated by a locative phrase, may also be expressed. Some cooking methods involve the use of a Medium (e.g. milk or water) by which heat is transferred to the Food. A less semantically prominent Food or Cook is marked Co-participant.
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Гипероним Activity : Деятельность
Концепты действий steam : парить, пропарить, пропаривать
Роли в фреймах
Роль Описание (Русский) Описание (Английский) Обязательная роль Концепттер
Container : Контейнер The Container holds the Food to which heat is applied.
Cook : Повар The Cook applies heat to the Food.
Food : Еда Food is the entity to which heat is applied by the Cook.
Heating_instrument : Нагревательный инструмент This FE identifes the entity that directly supplies heat to the Food.
Temperature_setting : Установка температуры This FE identifies the Temperature_setting of the Heating_instrument for the Food.
Beneficiary : Бенефициар The person for whose benefit the food is cooked.
Co-participant : Соучастник Co-participant is the gramatically less prominent of two foods to which heat is applied by the Cook.
Degree : Мера This FE identifies the Degree to which heat application occurs.
Duration : Длительность Duration is the amount of Time heat is applied to the Food.
Manner : Манера Any description of the cooking event which is not covered by more specific FEs, including secondary effects (quietly, loudly), and general descriptions comparing events (the same way). In addition, it may indicate salient characteristics of an Cook that also affect the action (presumptuously, coldly, deliberately, eagerly, carefully).
Means : Средство This FE identifies the Means by which heat is applied to Food.
Medium : Среда Medium is the substance through which heat is applied to the Food.
Place : Место This FE identifies the Place where the heat application occurs.
Purpose : Цель This FE identifies the Purpose for which an intentional act is performed.
Time : Время This FE identifies the Time at which the heat application occurs.