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Название (Английский) Amounting_to
Описание (Английский) The absolute Value of a quantifiable Attribute of an item is determined by adding up the values for the Attribute of the individuals or parts that make up the item. The item is not expressed as a separate constituent but it is presupposed by the concept of Attribute. Alternatively, the Numbers form an implicit set whose sum is the Value associated with the set. In some cases what is reported is just the cardinality of the individuals that make up the item so that in effect the Value is a count. In other cases the identity of the Attribute can only be inferred from the Value. There is no cognizer on the scene in this frame. Instead, the frame focuses on the relationship between the Attribute or Numbers and the Value, which is stable and unchanging regardless of who performs the calculation.
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Attribute : Атрибут The scalar property of a concrete or abstract entity.
Numbers : Числа A set of numbers that add up to the Value.
Value : Значение The value of an attribute.
Frequency : Частота This FE indicates the time span during which the total of the Attribute is the Value, with the added information that it is (somehow) calculated at a regular interval coinciding with the transition between spans of time.
Time_span : Промежуток времени The span of time when the Attribute has the Value.