Название (Русский) Прицеливаться
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Aiming
Описание (Английский) An Agent adjusts an Instrument to enable it to interact directly with a difficult-to-access Target_location. Usually, there is a Targeted entity at the Target_location which is mentioned in its place.
Идентификатор для разметки
Концепты действий direct : направить, направлять
target : предназначаться, предназначиться
Роли в фреймах
Роль Описание (Русский) Описание (Английский) Обязательная роль Концепттер
Instrument : Инструмент The object manipulated by the Agent in order to interact with the Targeted.
Target_location : Целевое местоположение The location that the Agent wishes to ready the Instrument to access.
Targeted : Целевые The Targeted is the entity located in an indirectly accessible location relative to the Agent.
Activity : Деятельность The Activity is undertaken by the Agent and is directed towards the Targeted or Target_location.
Agent : Агент The individual that manipulates the Instrument to enable interaction with the Targeted.
Location_of_protagonist : Расположение главного героя The location from which the proto-agent acts or perceives. This does not include the location of a thing which is affected or perceived in the event.
Manner : Манера Any generalized description of the details of the event in terms of comparison to another event or what would be expected of the details given some state of the Agent.
Means : Средство This FE identifies the Means by which the aiming is achieved.
Outcome : Исход The Outcome is the failure or success of an attempt.
Particular_iteration : Конкретная_итерация Expressions marked with this extra-thematic FE modify a non-iterative use of the target, and indicate that it is conceived as embedded within an iterated series of similar events or states. In addition, most expressions of Particular_iteration indicate which instance of the series is being referred to.
Place : Место The place where the Agent aims at the Targeted.
Purpose : Цель The reason for which the Agent attempts to interact with the Targeted
Circumstances : Обстоятельства The state of the world (at a particular time and place) which is independent of the the aiming of the Agent, but contextualizes it.
Time : Время This FE identifies the Time when the Agent takes aim.
Containing_event : Содержащее_событие A larger event during which an aiming event takes place.
Depictive : Описание The Depictive is a phrase which describes the Agent during the event.
Duration : Длительность The time peiod over which the adjustment of the Instrument takes place.
Explanation : Объяснение A state of affairs that provides an explanation for the Aiming event.