Название (Русский) Принять_выбор
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Adopt_selection
Описание (Английский) An Agent has an Attribute which can take different Values, and the Agent selects and then begins to use some Value for that Attribute. The Attribute includes both physical (shape, color) and abstract (belief, practice) types. For some LUs in this frame, it is common for only the Value to be expressed, with the Attribute implicit. (Often this implicit attribute can be given second-layer expression on the Value. Note that such second-layer annotation should be assumed in the first two examples below.)
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Роль Описание (Русский) Описание (Английский) Обязательная роль Концепттер
Agent : Агент The Agent selects a Value for his/her Attribute and begins to use it.
Value : Значение The Value, chosen and made effective by the Agent, specifies the Attribute.
Attribute : Атрибут The Attribute of the Agent can take on several Values, selected by the Agent .
Circumstances : Обстоятельства Circumstances describe the state of the world (at a particular time and place) which is specifically independent of the event itself and any of its participants.
Communicative_force : Коммуникативная_сила This FE indicates the Communicative_force or authority with which the target operates (often denoted by words such as "officially," "formally," "technically," etc.). This may or may not reflect the actual reality of the state of affairs.
Containing_event : Содержащее_событие This FE denotes an event that occurs or state of affairs that holds at a time that includes the time during which the event or state of affairs reported by the target occurs and of which it is taken to be a part.
Depictive : Описание This FE describes a participant of the state of affairs introduced by the target as being in some state during the action.
Duration : Длительность Duration denotes the length of time from the beginning of a continuous situation (the one denoted by the target) to its end. In many cases, the continuous situation is a dynamic action which is ongoing, while in others it is simply an undifferentiated state.
Event_description : Описание_события In general, this FE is used for phrases that describe the clause of the target as a whole.
Explanation : Объяснение The Explanation denotes a proposition from which the main clause (headed by the target) logically follows. This often means that the Explanation causes the target's proposition, but not in all cases
Frequency : Частота This frame element is defined as the number of times an event occurs per some unit of time. A Frequency expression answers the question how often.
Instrument : Инструмент The instument through which an Agent adopts a Value for an Attribute.
Manner : Манера A description of the adoption of a position which is not classified under more specific descriptions, including comparisons to other events (similarly), rates of adoption (slowly), and descriptions of the Agent which also influence the action (eagerly).
Means : Средство The Means by which an Agent adopts a Value for an Attribute.
Particular_iteration : Конкретная_итерация Expressions marked with this extra-thematic FE modify a non-iterative use of the target, and indicate that it is conceived as embedded within an iterated series of similar events or states.
Place : Место This FE identifies the Place where the Agent has the Attribute which can take different Value.
Purpose : Цель This FE identifies the Purpose for which an Agent adopts the Value of the Attribute.
Re-encoding : Перекодирование This FE presents the current frame as an integral part of a larger conceptualization expressed by another frame.
Role : Роль This FE identifies the role filled by a particular participant of the clause headed by the target. In so doing, it relates the state of affairs evoked by the target to another background state of affairs by indicating that one of the role fillers of the current frame also fills a second kind of role in the background, either generically or in some specific instance.
Time : Время The time period when the Agent selects and begins to put into effect the Value.