Название (Русский) Фактически _существующая_сущность
Описание (Русский)
Название (Английский) Actually_occurring_entity
Описание (Английский) Against the background of a contextually salient non-real world, for instance a hypothetical, imagined, simulated, expected, projected, or dream world, an Instance of a Type encountered in a relation or event in the real world is presented as being different from the instance found in the non-real world. Of course, the real-world Instance of the expected Type may also be presented as not occurring, as in the last example below.
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Концепты действий
Роли в фреймах
Роль Описание (Русский) Описание (Английский) Обязательная роль Концепттер
Instance : Экземпляр The real-world individual--a concrete or abstract thing or an event--which differs from its counterpart in a discourse-salient non-real world.
Type : Тип A kind of entity, instances of which are expected to occur in both the real and the non-real world.